Saturday, April 17, 2010

C25K Day Three

I did it!  This morning I had volunteered to walk at the JDRF walk for one of the teachers at my school.  Even though it was a walk, I decided to go ahead and record it!  It was slow because it was at the amusement part and there were sooooo many people there.  But, I walked 3.3 miles, no problem.  I was noticing how some people around me were really winded.  Not to poop on them because I am sure that was their most difficult thing, I was just saying that for me, I have noticed a difference in being able to go farther without problems.

When I got home, I ate and took a little nap....okay....a LONG nap.  I took an allergy pill this morning and I think it made me tired!  When I got up, I told Ryan we needed to run.  He didn't really want to, so I was just going to go.  Well, that made him feel guilty, so he tied his laces and off we went.  We didn't go yesterday, because he had his end of phase and is so stressed, he didn't want to be tired.  It was hard, but I think the fact that I walked this morning and it was the afternoon, not the morning made a difference.  When I plugged in the iPod.  my mouth dropped at the graph.  Ryan is used to running and knew that we did it faster, but I had no idea!!! 
So, here I shout!  WEEK ONE OF A RUNNING PROGRAM DONE!  Me.  little me.  Running.  WOW!

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bethy said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOo proud of you, happy for you too!!!