Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's me...the slacker sister

Well, I can say that I have NOT been running or doing physical activity of any kind.  But, slowly but surely, I am making better choices.  I am even cooking dinner tonight, unusual for the weekend, usually we just eat out.  So, I thought I would post my goals for the week.

1. Eat THREE meals a day.

2. Keep house clean (I came home Friday to an amazingly clean house, top to bottom, courtesy of future hubby).

3. Replace negative sayings with positive ones.

Getting married in 5 days!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A comparison



I know a little random. I wanted to write about my recent thoughts. This week was a little difficult on the training front. I have completed all the scheduled runs thus far. In the process, I think I have developed shin splints. They SUCK. Wednesday came and went and I had not done the 4 miles. It had just stopped raining and it was 7:30 PM. I decided that I was going to run. I was motivated by The Biggest Loser and friends who are also training. When I began running I felt fast. Maybe it was dark, maybe I feared what could catch me. I was SO excited and energized that I made the decision to run, even though all day I had tortured myself over when I was going to fit it in, and I had feelings of disappointment and guilt for not going. Once I was out the door running it felt like a relief. Here's my comparison to a songwriter...I have heard that they are tormented by a song until they can write out the words. I feel the same with training. I feel a burden to complete the scheduled runs. It weighs on me all day if I am not able to complete them in the morning. Once I finish, I feel SO great! I even get excited when I am able to check it off the calendar. Tomorrow I will be running 5 miles. Pray for my painful shins! And Yes, I think that running is all worth it. I really do enjoy doing it.


Perhaps, just a little.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As said by Jillian

So, I have been...I don't even know if there is a word in the dictionary for the up and down feelings I have had these past few has just been weird.

Ry and I were watching the Biggest Loser tonight.  Jillian is the tough, brick house of a trainer.  She was talking to one of her contestants who really is an annoying person and hides behind this "I'm stupid"facade.  Anyways, the contestant was really annoying Jillian to say the least.  I think the correct sentiment was, "I want to rip her arms off and beat her over her head with them."  Well, Jillian finally "broke through" to this lady.  She started talking to her and there was something she said that really stuck with me.  
"You can write a different story."

Basically she was saying that everything is a CHOICE.  We can choose to follow a weight plan, or train for a marathon, or get out of an unhealthy situation, or change a career, or whatever it is.  It is a choice.  I can write a different story.  I don't have to keep up with the same defeating voice that wants to put myself down or tell myself that I am not good enough.  I don't have to keep the same bad attitude all day or all week.  I can change it in an instant.  I can write a different story.  It reminded me of a book I have read before, When God Writes your Life Story.  Maybe I need to pull that out and reread it.  

I will write a different story.  I know myself enough to know that I have to make mini goals and cover all areas of my life, not just one.  So, in the next few days I will let you know what those goals are, perhaps even day to day.

Tomorrow?  Fold all the laundry.


I feel downright confused with my weight loss adventure. I weighed yesterday after work and the scale read .5 UP! How in the world does someone GAIN weight the same week one runs 20 miles??? I weighed again this morning and it shows 2 lbs less than yesterday afternoon. I know that water weight comes into play and I am still battling my TOM. So which do I log? I put in the less weight but what if that's not accurate and then next week I will be frustrated again if I don't see a loss.

I have read that eating too much could be the problem...but I also read that NOT eating enough could be the problem. So, how am I to know which of the two is true for me?

I must press onward! (Cheesy I know!) I got up this morning and I went for my run, 3 miles...with the babe which felt hard for some reason. The babe is 25 lbs and the stroller could be 10-15 lbs. The wind was also blowing, making it feel hard in some parts. I did it though! I will keep on keeping on...maybe I'll get on the scale one day and be down like 5 lbs all of a sudden...haha.

Peace out!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moovin and Groovin

I am so happy to be able to tell you that I successfully completed each training run from last Sunday through today. I have run a total of 20 miles since last Sunday. This Saturday I woke up early-get this, I was excited to do my 5 miles run!! I went around 7:30 and I ran the whole way. I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard but it felt comfortable. I didn't worry about how fast, I just wanted to run the distance. The hubbs and baby girl came to get me at the end of the 5 miles. Today I clocked 3 miles and it was HARD. My legs felt achy, but I am sure this will get better as my body gets conditioned to it.

On the eating front I haven't been counting points since Friday. I have been making smarter choices I hope. I will be honest and say that trying to lose weight on weight watchers and train for a run is tricky. I have been listening to my body and eating when hungry because I know it need fuel. I tacked 28 activity points this week!! I am thinking of goals for this coming week. I have been doing much better with the daily water. The veggies and fruits are still on my to do list. Tomorrow afternoon I will weigh in and I will also post what my goals are (assuming I come up with some between now and then)

I'm off to clean up the house and get ready for the week!
Oh yeah- GO NOLES!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay, okay...I have been MIA.  

When Beth pointed that out, it hit me on the head why.  It felt exactly like that V8 commercial where they "bonk" you on the head.

I suck this week.

It isn't me being negative, it is the truth.  I haven't kept up with points, haven't drank water, etc, etc.  Truthfully, my non posting came from the fact that I couldn't figure out WHY.  Why did I fall off the "wagon?"  I HAVE NO IDEA.  

Now, where do I go from here?  I fix it.  Tomorrow, I will start with waking up earlier and not sleeping until the absolute last minute before I get dressed in five minutes and leave.  Because that makes me tired and unable to pack my lunch.  So, I will get up.  Then, I will make sure that I drink all my water for the day.  That's it.  Those are my two goals tomorrow.  Nothing more, but, it is nothing less.  It is a step in the correct direction instead of a spiral in the wrong one.  

I will let you know what happens!

Missin ya Thursday!

Hey, Hi, Hello!!

Where is Jennifer?
Anyone seen her?

Hee hee, just kidding. I know my sis has been super busy this week. It will probably be me next week that is MIA. I am feeling good about this week so far. I have run all the scheduled training runs so far. I am pumped about doing this, especially today. I have some back pain that I considered not running because of, but I ran. It felt good. My back didn't even hurt when I ran, it does now though. Oh well. Tomorrow is a rest day.

I have been doing better at making some food choices that I feel are better for me. Still struggling to get all the 5 fruit/veggies in. Ever find that you make a meal and the thought of dragging stuff out to make a salad or side veggie is just too much? Just me? Ok, oh well. I have done better on water each day getting more than needed.

I am not feeling as tempted about the upcoming "freedom" this weekend. I think I was anticipating my TOM (time of the month) Hopefully I will feel more excited about following my points and staying within them.

Happy Friday Eve.