Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where'd they go?

-7.4 lbs

Where'd they go? Who cares. I am not carrying them around anymore!

I've been following weight watchers and attending meetings since June 16th. I am feeling great and I've even eaten out, and enjoyed a birthday with cake. Yay!!!!

Rain, rain...relax a little!

After resisting all week...even though I am signed up for a 5K Sunday, I couldn't get myself to run this week. I wanted to take it a little easy, but didn't intend to slack this much. OK enough of that junk. I ran tonight. It was humid as all get out. Its been raining here, LOTS. It rained all day. This evening it was not raining, but humid. I had to stop and walk a few short times. All in all, I felt good. I was running faster than I usually do. I think I will run again Fri maybe 2.5 miles before the 5 K.
Hey Ju-Ju...would love to see a post from you. I know you can do it. Heat or not. Go for a run then jump in the pool!! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Steady Betty

I was as comfortable and it looks...makes me happy to run again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Workouts

I have been in a sluggish kind of state when I think of running or working out. I love the way it feels. Yesterday we went to the park and I sweated something fierce...would have been easy to tell myself that that was enough. I got my bee-hind on the elliptical and did 30 minutes...360 calories burned later, I felt great. I think I would describe the feeling like after you've felt emotional and had ick bottled up and you just go ahead and have a good 'ol cry. Then you take a deep breath and all is getting right with the world again, that is how I feel. I like it!

This morning I toyed with not running...again.
I took Chloe because she was TIRED from her sleepover.
It was H.A.R.D. and hot. Pushing that stroller is brutal. Glad I took her, she slept the whole time. I had to stop and walk a block, but I still did it. No more talking myself out of it...its too exhausting.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A run

I ran Friday morning. I felt very comfortable breathing. It was humid and hot. What else is new?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Day 1

I am posting this because I want to make sure I don't give up working out and I give myself "credit" for all that I do.  I am trying to train my mind that any amount of moving is moving.

So:  Summer Day 1

Ran/walk 2 miles
Ab Assault Ball video

Tuesday after...

I had intentions to run yesterday. My son was up several times Sun. night, I was so tired Monday morning. That was the excuse I used. I had intentions to run this morning. I forgot to set an alarm. I didn't have time to get it done before my husband had to leave for work...that was the excuse I was going to use. He assured me that I had time. I went. I am with Jennifer, we completed the training 9 weeks in a row. We don't have to be crazy about completing 3mi/3x per week. Just getting off the couch and moving is a huge accomplishment. My heel/leg was hurting bad this morning. I will run again Thursday. Glad I didn't use my excuse and miss out on exercise this morning.

A new mindset

This was weird.  I have finished the Couch 2 5K program.  So...I knew that I wanted to keep running, because it was a huge accomplishment that I even started and didn't want to stop.


Yeah, I know...but.

It is SOOOOO HOT!  Not, Jennifer is complaining because there is no A/C outdoors hot, but OMG Heat Advisory, Caution, Stay indoors hot.  So, I was nervous to run.

Then, about 7:30...I kind of had my mind made up that I wasn't going to run today.  I would do it tomorrow.  Then I knew that tomorrow would turn into tomorrows and tomorrows would turn into weeks and so on.  I also knew that I would feel like a failure and give it all up.  Then, I realized that maybe it was the 3.1 miles I was dreading.

So I got up and got changed.  See, I realized that just because I finished the C25K program, doesn't mean I HAVE to run 3.1 miles every time.  The goal was to get me MOVING.  Is 1 or 2 miles less than 3?  Yes, but it is more than NOTHING.  With that I gave myself permission to run less.  So, I ran.  Yes, less, but I ran.  (And I get the heat advisory thing :)  Do I feel like a small failure?  Maybe, but not as much as I would have watching TV doing nothing.

Does any of this make sense?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Run for the pies!

Well...I ran an official 5K race. My graph is crazy. Probably trying to focus on the pace (that was REALLY hard) also people would run past and then walk and I felt like I was dodging people lots. I think the time (34 min) is very close to accurate. I had fun! Josh and Chloe went to support me and Chloe thought she was going to run too! Maybe one day! I think I will continue running approx 3X/week but I want to mix it up on the off days.

C25K Day Twenty-seven

Otherwise known as complete.

I have finished a running program that I set out to do!  I can't believe it!  

Tonight I promised Beth I would run at the same time that she was running in her race, and that honestly, is what got me through part of this.  It was SOOOO humid outside.

But, I did it!  I FINISHED!!!!  

Friday, June 11, 2010


Idea #1
This run excites me because it comes down our street!!!
Idea# 2
This one is a little crazy, but a fun reasonable push. It also comes down our street.
Maybe continuing to do a 5K race a month and begin training for the 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving Day...just some thoughts.

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I got my race packet today!!!

I am excited. I am encouraged with ideas on what to train for continues :)

Here is a picture of the cute race shirt-

Thursday, June 10, 2010

C25K Day Twenty-six

I am going to be 100% honest.  I had myself TALKED OUT of this run for the day.  I had every justifiable reason.  Check out the conversation between my brain and my body.

Brain:  It is your last day of school.  

Body: Your sister wants you to run.  Come on, we can do it.

Brain: But, it is the HOTTEST day yet.  

Body: If you don't go today, it will be the FIRST time you have not followed the program.  Do you want to do that on your last week?  You know no matter what, you will view it as a failure.

Brain: But, you went out for an adult beverage with your co-workers to celebrate your last day of school.

Body: I am dressed, shoes and all.  Let's go!

Not sure yet if I am glad I did.  Just kidding.  I am...I am surely showing effects of not having had enough water, so gotta go chug some H2O!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The last one...before the official 5K

My heel is hurting. I decided to limit my running to Sun, Wed, and Sat in an effort to run smart. I felt so much stronger tonight. My heel hurts...time for ice!! Just thinking about what will be my next challenge. I feel like this could get mundane very quickly. Ideas?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

C25K Day Twenty-five

I did it.  Oh my gosh!  I did what I set out to do.  I ran a 5K.  I am speechless (and have a wicked graph too!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yes, ya'll! I had a little wine/cheese get together at my house last night. I may and may not have had a few too many beverages. I may or may not have been up until after midnight. I may or may not have gotten out of bed with a GIANT headache and a little wooziness at approx. 2 AM...and then slept on the couch.
I DID just complete Couch to 5K Week 9, Day 1!!!!

That is 30 minutes of running. I felt pretty darn good.

The real Superwoman is my mother who watched my children last night and then kept Chloe for the night. Harrison slept until 6:30 this morning! Thanks mom!!!!

I am posting my graph, which shows that I appropriately was running out of steam at the bitter end. I am also posting the local weather...showing just how crazy it is that I just completed this with the above mentioned festivities and the temps/conditions.

OHhhhhhhh yeah! I also moved to Orange Level!!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

C25K Day Twenty-four

One more week and I will be running a 5K.  That is INSANE!

Breathing was a little difficult today, but it was HOT and in the morning, when I usually run at night.  

I still cannot believe, I, Jennifer Marie, am running.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost there...

I woke up to my kids at 6 this morning. I was thankful for their early-rising selves because I was up and had no excuse not to go. You see, if I waited any longer it would be 80 degrees outside (no, really by 9AM its going to be 80 or more...) and if I waited until the afternoon it would be raining (there's a 70% chance-I'm not good at math, but that it a pretty good chance!)
Now, I felt great until the knucklehead told me I was half-way felt MUCH further than that...then it was just mind games. I did it. OH sister made some wicked good comments about my graphs and I went and made a not-so-wicked-one!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

C25K Day Twenty-three

Today was STRESSFUL at work, and I even have a lot of things to do at home.  I LOVE how I am making running a TO DO thing, not a I will run if I can get to it.  It is a priority!  LOVE THAT MINDSET!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I ran!

I ran this morning. I got up earlier, it was still hot. (More muggy than hot...but still) I felt way more comfortable today than I did Monday. Looking forward to Friday!

Here is my graph from Monday. I nearly had a heat stroke. Florida is hot, and humid.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C25K Day Twenty-two

Me: Oh, I am going to get a run in before it starts running.

God: {Laughing manically to himself}

Me: (At halfway mark) Wow, I feel that a raindrop?

God: {Opens the skies}

Me: I can't believe I am running in the rain...thank goodness I had enough foresight not to be wearing my hearing aids, otherwise, I wouldn't have taken joy in it.  It was soooo much fun.  The run was GREAT and I felt GREAT.  I don't know if it was the rain that pushed me, but I did it and didn't struggle at all!  It was awesome watching the sheets of rain and feeling it on my face.  It was another moment that I truly felt like a runner.