Thursday, May 6, 2010

C25K Day Eleven

Whew...this is a funny thing for me.  I did it again.  And every single time, I shock myself.  Me....I did it.  Today was hard like Monday, and it was H.O.T.  Before I went running, I went to the running store across the street ( and tried to get my feet measured.  That was a really positive experience and if anyone is reading this...I HIGHLY recommend them!  They aren't out to sell you something, they really want you to enjoy the experience of running with the right equipment.  

Anyways, back to the run.  The WHOLE run I was really having to talk to myself in my head and push it...not to stop.  I just knew the whole time that I was doing really terrible and that it wasn't as good as Monday, but that didn't matter, because at least I was running.  My knees really bothered me at the beginning and I was acting a little like my niece C, when she hurt her heel and preceded to walk on her tip toes for an entire weekend.  I was just scared to make it worse.

Lo and behold...I did better.  I yet again, hit my fastest mile yet.  Better than Monday...boy, I don't know what is going to get me to stop my negativity about myself, but this sure is helping!

Hang in there Bethers!  This is hard, but we are still doing it!  You are done with week 4.  I have one more day!!!

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