Thursday, May 27, 2010

C25K Day Twenty

Here's the thing...I am REALLY grateful for my Nike+ that creates my little graphs.  

See, I had the hardest run.  I am still sick and it was HOT.  I ran right when I got home, so I could get it over with, and whew...the whole time I was running, my breathing would be okay at parts, but not great because I am sick.  Then, my right leg started feeling like I was putting allll my weight on that side.  I seriously started leaning to the left to get rid of the feeling (it didn't work).  The whole time I just kept telling myself, just keep running, it's okay if you slow down, just keep going.  I almost gave myself permission to walk, but then the other voice said, no, if you walk, you won't run again this shot.  Soooo...I was totally prepared for an all over the place graph with a super slow time.

I am REALLY grateful for my Nike+ that proves me wrong.

Oh and by the way....Jennifer's mind: 1, Running: 0.  Booyah!!!

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