Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tour de Pain

I do not have a graph of the 4 mi beach race from Friday night. The gun went off and I hit start on my ipod and it froze. Awesome.

Friday began with the 4 mi race on the beach.
7:30 pm
It was hard. I finished. I did not walk once. I just kept saying in my head (because I was tired of hearing myself suck air and feet on the sand) "just keep running, you will be there soon" I did feel like the finish line was being moved back as I ran toward it.

Saturday morning came quick. By 6:45 AM I headed out for the 5K. I was starting to realize why this was called the Tour de Pain (I hear this in my head said with one of those plastic microphones that echos...) It was hot and humid to the bazillionth degree. I was feeling it all by 2.5 mi and had to walk a few times. I did finish!

The grand finale came Saturday at 5pm. It had rained before it was time for the race. You might think that would help the blistering conditions...but it didn't. It was like a sauna. This was 1 mile. I was so nervous. I didn't know what I had left to give. I did it. I finished!

Saturday night I slept terribly and ended up getting sick. I think I was dehydrated. Sunday was spent resting/recovering. I am really glad I challenged myself to do this race series. I definitely learn something about running and/or myself with each race. I also know I have the most amazing cheerleaders in my family and friends! That makes a huge difference!

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Nawna said...

I am so very proud of you. Way to finish.