Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, Monday, lala la la la la

Today was so much better than yesterday. For one thing it was 15 or more degrees cooler...MUCH BETTER. I felt strong the whole run! I was proud to be out running instead of getting 30 more minutes in bed (but spending all day with guilt over not doing it)
I was a little concerned about how my legs would feel because this was the third day in a row for running ( I have two more to go) It will benefit me this week because running in the beginning will give me two days of rest before and after my 7 miles (can you tell I'm a little nervous about the 7 ?)

I did discover last night that my chest felt tight and I had been coughing a bit. I decided to take my inhaler (I have a hate/hate relationship with the stupid thing!) OMIGOSH. I could breathe. I guess I didn't realize that I really did need it. Part of the hate comes afterward...Its hard to explain but I will say I don't ever have the desire to try drugs like speed or the like. I cannot stand that jittery, irritating, shaky sort of feeling. I did take my inhaler this morning and I think that helped my comfort...being able to breathe is helpful! ;)

Happy Monday!!

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