Friday, October 10, 2008

A comparison



I know a little random. I wanted to write about my recent thoughts. This week was a little difficult on the training front. I have completed all the scheduled runs thus far. In the process, I think I have developed shin splints. They SUCK. Wednesday came and went and I had not done the 4 miles. It had just stopped raining and it was 7:30 PM. I decided that I was going to run. I was motivated by The Biggest Loser and friends who are also training. When I began running I felt fast. Maybe it was dark, maybe I feared what could catch me. I was SO excited and energized that I made the decision to run, even though all day I had tortured myself over when I was going to fit it in, and I had feelings of disappointment and guilt for not going. Once I was out the door running it felt like a relief. Here's my comparison to a songwriter...I have heard that they are tormented by a song until they can write out the words. I feel the same with training. I feel a burden to complete the scheduled runs. It weighs on me all day if I am not able to complete them in the morning. Once I finish, I feel SO great! I even get excited when I am able to check it off the calendar. Tomorrow I will be running 5 miles. Pray for my painful shins! And Yes, I think that running is all worth it. I really do enjoy doing it.


Perhaps, just a little.

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