Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missin ya Thursday!

Hey, Hi, Hello!!

Where is Jennifer?
Anyone seen her?

Hee hee, just kidding. I know my sis has been super busy this week. It will probably be me next week that is MIA. I am feeling good about this week so far. I have run all the scheduled training runs so far. I am pumped about doing this, especially today. I have some back pain that I considered not running because of, but I ran. It felt good. My back didn't even hurt when I ran, it does now though. Oh well. Tomorrow is a rest day.

I have been doing better at making some food choices that I feel are better for me. Still struggling to get all the 5 fruit/veggies in. Ever find that you make a meal and the thought of dragging stuff out to make a salad or side veggie is just too much? Just me? Ok, oh well. I have done better on water each day getting more than needed.

I am not feeling as tempted about the upcoming "freedom" this weekend. I think I was anticipating my TOM (time of the month) Hopefully I will feel more excited about following my points and staying within them.

Happy Friday Eve.

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