Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I feel downright confused with my weight loss adventure. I weighed yesterday after work and the scale read .5 UP! How in the world does someone GAIN weight the same week one runs 20 miles??? I weighed again this morning and it shows 2 lbs less than yesterday afternoon. I know that water weight comes into play and I am still battling my TOM. So which do I log? I put in the less weight but what if that's not accurate and then next week I will be frustrated again if I don't see a loss.

I have read that eating too much could be the problem...but I also read that NOT eating enough could be the problem. So, how am I to know which of the two is true for me?

I must press onward! (Cheesy I know!) I got up this morning and I went for my run, 3 miles...with the babe which felt hard for some reason. The babe is 25 lbs and the stroller could be 10-15 lbs. The wind was also blowing, making it feel hard in some parts. I did it though! I will keep on keeping on...maybe I'll get on the scale one day and be down like 5 lbs all of a sudden...haha.

Peace out!

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