Thursday, June 10, 2010

C25K Day Twenty-six

I am going to be 100% honest.  I had myself TALKED OUT of this run for the day.  I had every justifiable reason.  Check out the conversation between my brain and my body.

Brain:  It is your last day of school.  

Body: Your sister wants you to run.  Come on, we can do it.

Brain: But, it is the HOTTEST day yet.  

Body: If you don't go today, it will be the FIRST time you have not followed the program.  Do you want to do that on your last week?  You know no matter what, you will view it as a failure.

Brain: But, you went out for an adult beverage with your co-workers to celebrate your last day of school.

Body: I am dressed, shoes and all.  Let's go!

Not sure yet if I am glad I did.  Just kidding.  I am...I am surely showing effects of not having had enough water, so gotta go chug some H2O!

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